Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinterest Much?

You could say I'm a creepy facebook stalker. You could say I waste too much time on facebook. You could say all these things and you'd probably be most definitely correct. But you'd only be describing yourself ... maybe?.... maybe not. *sigh

Fortunate for me, recent happenings have me purging myself of my old disgusting-facebook-time-wasting-noisy-and-way-to-into-other people's-business-and-photos-indulgent habits. Instead, any free internet browsing time I have is spent blogging and browsing through my pinterest feed. It may sound surprising but trust me when I say, this new thing known as "Pinterest" is actually useful, inspirational, and resourceful. Really? Tell me more! Okay!!

Pinterest is an online sharing board which enables you to bookmark websites (blog posts, articles, Etsy for sale stuff, etc.) by image and organize by "boards" that you name and arrange on your page. You have friends who can see your pins and vice versa and you can like, comment and repin. Through the powers of sharing (which is caring), I bypass spending any time on the worldwide web to find interesting things to pin and instead, focus my time browsing that which has already been pinned. I repin things I find noteworthy and await my friends' finds. Through Pinterest, I have found recipes, cleaning and organizing tips, cute, creative, thrifty and brilliant DIY tips, decorating ideas, daydreams of a future home, photography concepts, hair tutorials, trendy outfits, witty sayings and funny posters, and wonderful gift ideas!

When Pinterest first became a daily part of my life, I thought - how awesome would it be to also have work out tips on here as well? It seemed only yesterday when my wishes of where Pinterest could take me have now evolved into reality. Most recently, I have seen a bunch of work out tips on Pinterest.

So I haven't technically tried any of the recipes I pinned under my "Miam!" (yum in French) board, I haven't even given much thought to the DIY mischief that could be part of my life, instead I have pinned and sat back, enjoying the repins which confirm to me that these are pinworthy. But today, I broke that streak by trying my first Pinterest.... dun dun dunnnnn.. work out!

I revised it a bit.... here is what I did twice (as Andy observed and told me I would not be able to asleep as it is 10:30 PM on a Monday night).

50 jumping jacks
5 normal push-ups, 5 girly push-ups (because my normals are just a plank bending a bit...)
20 bicycles
20 climb-ups (I had not clue what these were, you just go into a plan position and bring your knee to your chest one at a time)
plank for 30 seconds
7 burpees (also had not a clue what these were, you start in standing position, you jump with your hands to your feet, then jump back into a plank position, do a push-up, jump your feet back to meet your hands and then jump into the air and whoop for joy!)

I don't care! I'm ecstatic with the accomplishment I have made of finally following through with something I learned from Pinterest.

Let me know if you want an invite - or you can request one and wait a few days. And maybe by then, I will have mustered the courage to try a recipe... or a craft... or a hair tutorial.

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Sarah said...

I just joined...I held out for so long because everyone said it was addicting. But I love it, and I don't find it addicting. Actually I'm spending less time on my computer because, like you said, I no longer have to search the whole web for things.

I, too, have just been pinning and not "doing". but I'm determined this week to take ME time and make some DIY clothes-ish thing.