Monday, May 21, 2012

Doctor In Da House

But of course it doesn't feel like that. Andy still is just an intern. And then he will be in residency. And though he is officially a "doctor," long coat soon and all, he's still my goofy, lovable, fun, serious when he needs to be, amazing, crazy and too daring buddy and father to Jordo.

Nevertheless, the silly robe and hat are evidence that he has indeed graduated and received his M.D.

Which makes him a doctor. Doctor Phillips to be precise. Doctor in da house!

Who would have ever thought?!

My favorite is when Andy says he will never actually introduce himself as Dr. Phillips, and our friend, Ryan, teases him with a ... "yeah, until next week!" HAHAAAAAA!!!!!! LAUGHING OUT LOUD. ROLLING ON THE FLOOR.

Congratulations Andy. You did it, and just a reminder, we did make it through third year (the dreaded and hardest year of medical school... the one people warned us about and when they heard Andy was getting married right after Boards second year, and many people, mostly those who knew the medical profession well, questioned both of our sanities)!

Jordan checking out daddy in the program. Hmm, looks pretty good Pops!

The graduation was at the Shrine Auditorium (home to the Oscars pre Kodak and Nokia way back in the day and where I had been for concerts and seat filling for award shows in another life), so there was a lot of nice carpeted lobby area for Jordan to walk and explore. He absolutely loved the sunlight peeking in from the doors as he walked from patterned carpet to big lush chair.

And I'm so glad graduation was last week so we have two weeks to relax and pack (is that a paradox?)

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