Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Wears The Pants in This Family?

Since being married, we have watched three chick flicks at home together (Morning Glory, From Prada to Nada and Prom)  I only recommend Morning Glory, the other two were bad.  We then watched Footloose together and it was painfully stupid (in my honest opinion).  Of course, with 75% of the ones we've watched together being so hopelessly bad, there's no wondering Andy won't entertain more in our home.  

How many action films have we seen, you ask?  I've lost count.

I always hear about men who have resorted to watching too many chick flicks because of their wives.   Somehow we're a bit reversed.

Washington D.C., May 2012

So it's safe to say I'll be watching Think Like a Man without my hubs.  And he's okay with that too.

Of course, I made sure to ask him first.  Yup, he wears the pants.  Most definitely.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

That picture is so cool!! I wanna hear about your trip!