Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Overstated Walking Milestone

Most parents get really excited about their kid's first time walking.  To me, those first steps mean nothing.   If I could jot down the meaningful milestone, it would be the day Jordan took more than four steps, fell, got right back up and continued to keep walking.  Over and over.  Step by step.  Up and down.  Unafraid.  Excited. Determined. The day he said farewell to crawling.  The day he laughed at his naive exploration pre-walking.  The day he made conscious and committed steps towards everything within his reach.  Now that was the day it really meant something.  His first steps?  Those were just experimentally unintentional.

And lucky for Jordan that his exploration would be in Washington D.C. where we were lucky enough to visit with family for an entire week!   Already having mastered more than four steps, he was well on his way to bigger and better things.

 Natural History Museum
 White House
 Air and Space Museum
 WWII Memorial
 U.S. Postage Museum
 Nationals Game
 Home already?!  
And since he's become more mobile, the world has been his oyster....

New toy - so much easier to crawl in when you can walk into it! 
 Light fixtures on the floor mom?
 Still taller than you buppy!
 My own straw too?
 Mom finally got the guts to take me to the beach again!
 With lots of other babies and mommies too
 And I got a popsicle for the first time ever!
 And a chance to lounge with the homies.
 And a view of the ocean
And then we went to Americana Brand to walk some more!!!

It's been a walking dream.  

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Brady and Jamie Sefcik said...

Fun!!! Are you guys still in town!? If so when do you guys move?!