Thursday, April 10, 2014


Jordan is such a fun age... at 35 months, he is just full of things to say and input, and if you're in the car talking to someone - whether it's on the phone or in person, he will say, "I want to talk too!" as he really does want to be part of the conversation.

Lately, he's had some hilarious Jordan-isms.

The other day, he walked over to where I was in the restroom on the toilet (sorry TMI), and said, "Mom, you're beautiful!" and then he proceeded to turn the door inward - since there's a mirror on the outside of it - so that the mirror was facing me - I could see myself on the toilet - not a sight most people want to see, and he said, "see?"  I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic (too young for sarcasm) but it was hilarious.

Lately, he's picked up his pre-school teacher's tendency to say "that's perfect!'  I'll tell him we're going to have lunch and then go out, and he'll respond with, "Oh mom, that's perfect!"  I love the enthusiasm.  Other times, it's, "Oh!!  That's just perfect!"  So funny to hear him assert himself so positively.  I love it.

He also still doesn't understand that he can be something besides Jordan and a big boy.  We played a game today while perusing through Costco where I'd ask him if he was a burrito?  or a rice cake?  or a sushi?  or a chicken stock?  or a jelly bean?  He would say "No!" loudly to everything except big boy and Jordan.  If I asked if he was a big brother, he would say "No-es" - after realizing Mom had tricked him, but other things like my son - a kid - none of those would get "yes" responses - only, "No!  I'm a big boy!!"  HAHAHA.

He also loves to recap whatever you told him.  He loves repeating what he hears, our Church had a conference this weekend where we watched the broadcast online and he would mimic what he heard, word for word, almost entire sentences.  It was quite impressive.

But of course, as the first born, he's also quite bossy and will tell his baby brother what to do.  But most of the time, he will catch himself now if he's being mean and say, "Oh, I'm sorry Bubba!"  it's so funny to hear him apologize without me prompting him.  A few times he has done the same to me too.

He also loves to say, "that's awesome Mom!" and I think it's cuz we do say it a lot haha.  He is currently a little slow with all his colors and numbers but that's okay, because we're also working on them in Chinese.  We just started having a Chinese tutor who comes once a week and helps me reinforce speaking Chinese with him more (it's always better with someone else)  He seems so much more open speaking it with anyone but me!  Hahaha! We're learning our colors together (me the characters that go with each, him the pronunciation of each) with fun apps (check out Fun Chinese if you have a bilingual Chinese speaking kid) and trying our best to learn some songs too - Chinese and Church because he absolutely loves singing.

That's it.  I just wanted to record some of what is going on as most of my free time (when I have it) has been dedicated towards working on my book.  It's such an arduous process, I've only got 17 pages written so far.  It's going to be a long time before that thing sees the end of the tunnel hahaha.  

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