Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jordan Our Lil Singer

Jordan loves singing.  His favorite song from our vacation was Best Day of My Life of American Author, he can sing the entire chorus, and hums along with it and got so excited everytime it was playing, followed up by confusion about why we can't play it again (we tried to explain it's on the radio.. he's not quite getting it yet).  My favorite part is his "life ah-ife-ife" part.  It's so funny.  Of course, he also roars along with Katy Perry's song.  And his favorite kid songs are Nothing Can Stop Me Now from the Planes soundtrack and Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack.  Recently, he started saying "all my friends...." and I immediately thought oh no, is he singing the first line from Sleeping With a Friend - Neon Trees?  I haven't listened to the lyrics close enough but I assume it's talking about sleeping with a friend.  Can't be good right?  Hahahaha.  This morning, while lying in bed with Bubba and me, he said - clap your hands and say yeah! And then proceeded to clap his hands and say yeah.  Yes, that Indie band title is quite unique and appealing to children.  He kept trying to get Bubba to clap his hands and say yeah, but Bubba could only muster a tiny yelp of a "yeah."  Then at breakfast, Jordan kept telling me "we're safe and sound!" and then humming the chorus to the Capital Cities song that we love oh so dearly.  What a riot.

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Lauren said...

Haha!! So awesome! London loves "Let it go!" as well. Her favorite thing to do is to climb on furniture and start singing the chorus as loud as she can. ;)

You need to post video of Jordan's serenades!