Friday, April 22, 2016

No Phone Thoughts

I'm running on day 9 of life without an iPhone.  I do have iPhone messaging on my computer and internet at home, but otherwise, we're cut off from being phone less.  In today's world, that means not only missing out on a million useless apps and games, but more importantly- no text, no maps, and no internet for whatever odd question I have and want to google.

On the bright side, my sleep pattern has improved.  I no longer have a handheld distraction to get lost in way past a reasonable bedtime.  I also have become more punctual.  Since we tell people we're going to be somewhere before leaving home, we can't really afford to be late since we don't have a phone to communicate with once we're out and about.  I've also become more resourceful with researching wherever we are off to because I can't just google where I am if I'm lost.

On the down side, we don't have a phone and have to rely on the kindness of strangers and friends to let us text Andy about where to meet up, or just wait and hope he finds us.  We've gone to a Nationals ball game and used someone's phone at Guest Services to let Andy know where we are and we've even made a trip to Andy's work and gone through security at the Department of Labor, just to ask the security guy downstairs to call him so we could let him know where we were.  We also don't have a camera when it's just me with the kids, so I've been lugging around our huge single lense camera to take photos while we're out and about.  I've come to realize the most important things to me about my phone are its capability to call/text and take photos!

I'll hopefully have a phone by day 12 but as for the weekends, it's not a huge deal since we're always with Andy all day.  It feels like a simpler life but also a little more complex when you have to prepare and be ready to be out and about without a phone!

Off to research our next adventure today... to Rosslyn to play with our friends from South Pasadena!

UPDATE: We made it!  We had a blast and now I feel completely comfortable on the Metro with three by myself.  It's great, the confidence and looks of approval and subtle nods from strangers make me happy.  The doubt and disbelief from strangers however rubs me the wrong way a lot more than anywhere else.  Note - work on that.  It was also so great to have Natascha meet us outside of the Metro and she was so sweet, she walked us back as well, hill and all!  I'm not sure why Capitol Hill is called that, because the hills in Arlington were way worse.  We attempted French macaroons and semi-failed.. the feet came out but then the tops deflated and they looked more like woopie pies than macarons.  She fed us leftover udon noodles which my kids engulfed.  Rasmus and JJ are both a bit younger than Jordan and Bubba but they get along great!  It's been fun seeing the Bentleys almost every week while here.  We're sure going to miss them!

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Evalina said...

"-where to meet up, or just wait and hope he finds us." yes It must be so hard.hope everything is going ok for you. much love from far country.