Thursday, April 28, 2016

Zoo With Our Crew

Even though we're not in DC for vacation, we do so much and don't have many commitments (like school or extracurricular activities), so our photos might indicate that we are just on an extended vacation.  

After overcoming my initial fear of going anywhere on my own with three kids, we are truly taking advantage of all that DC offers, and it's not just amazing history and architecture, but also cool parks and of course... the zoo!

We took my dad, Ike, Jan, and Jeffrey with us to the zoo while Andy was in Chicago for his conference.  It was a rainy morning that allowed Dagny a nap before we took off for the zoo via Metro.  The sun came out and it was perfect weather.  Just cold enough to make the walk over light, just hot enough that we were all pretty comfortable.

Spring is so beautiful here.  I'm not sure if it's cuz I walk everywhere that I can't help but stop and notice, or if it's because it looks so beautiful set against the colorful row homes everywhere on the Hill.. whatever the case, I seem to have a newfound appreciation for horticulture than ever before.  

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