Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saturday with Family

I love breakfast.  If I could choose, I would have breakfast for all three meals of the day.  With kids though, we have rarely made it out to any nice breakfast joints.  Normally, we settle for lunch but with family in town, we opted to go to breakfast at a popular join on the Hill called Ted's Bulletin.  We underestimated just how popular (and small) this place was... and ended up waiting an hour and a half for breakfast.  On the bright side, my dad was flying in from LA on a red eye flight, so he was making his way to us as we waited.  He arrived just in time to sit and eat with everyone!  

homemade pop-tarts.. one for each kid
when your meal matches your outfit
cinnamon roll as big as your noggin

Ted's Bulletin on 8th by Eastern Market 
vintage decor
After breakfast, we made our way to the metro.  It had been raining, snowing, and hailing a bit on and off during breakfast, so when we left and it was just overcast, gratitude and relief was felt by all (especially yours truly).  We decided to make a day of museums to stay out of the rain.  So first on our list was Spark Lab in the American History Museum where kids ages 6 and up could go and problem solve.  I hadn't been able to take Jordan there with the two littles but Andy wanted to take him, so off we went!

A little helpful hint for visiting the American History Museum is that they have an express no bags line.  So while Dagny and Bubba napped, we waited in the cold outside with everyone's bags and they all went in.  Bubba woke up, Andy came and grabbed him, and then Dagny and I eventually made our way inside as well.
Right next to the Spark Lab is a fairly new Wegman's Wonderland exhibit which is basically a small play place for kids.  It's got stations for building, little kitchen, carrot planting and eggs, vegetables, etc. and even a tiny space for kids under 1 who are crawling or just starting to walk.  The best part is, there's a tiny toilet in there for potty training kids or my 4 year old who loves the small toilets his size, along with a diaper changing table and a normal sized toilet for adults.  We've been here a few times with friends, but it was the most empty we had ever seen it on the weekend!  Most likely because most people visiting the museum on the weekends are here to see actual other exhibits too, meanwhile us stay at home moms and nannies come during the week to pass some time (and rarely stop at the other exhibits).

all the stuff on the board!  I have never seen it like this!

We made our way to the Natural History Museum as well, assumed there was a bag check line, and then ended up realizing there was not.  Meanwhile, our aunt Jan, made her way to the front, told the people in line they were in the wrong line, and then walked on into the nonexistent "express" line.  We had a long laugh about this, then we advised her to take off her bright pink jacket so she wouldn't be easily recognized by the poor family who walked to the end of the line looking for the bag line.

My dad was tired from his red eye flight, so he went home after the American History Museum.  Since all my photos are from his camera, there are no more photos from that, or our jaunt home to grab dinner and then home.

On his way home, he walked by this Church that is a block away from our house.  It sits on the corner of the street.  He also snapped some other shots of Capitol Hill that I'll also leave here.  The clouds cleared up a bit despite the still cold weather, but we were just grateful the snow stopped as we've heard that the brick roads can become VERY slippery, to the point where you are holding onto the iron gates everywhere you walk.

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