Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 12 of 12

It only took me about a year, but I finally managed to get 12 photos on one day again.  It's hard, because I always overthink it and want there to be some cool photos, some different formats, different angles, colors that pop, etc., and then it ends up being an over analyzed hodge podge.  Oh well, at least I did it!

1. Takes the boys a while to get dressed... we don't eat breakfast til they're dressed so sometimes that means 9 AM... 2. the peonies outside our house, so beautiful, as I pass by to throw away diaper poop 3. Dagny, our best eater scarfing down a tortilla with leftover taco meat and rice in it 4. Baymax vs Megaman downstairs 5. Cooper up close and personal with Jordan (who took this photo) 6. Oh Mai for lunch with friends after we dropped off both brothers at school 7. Wheeler Farm with friends (that's a lot of Asians in SLC!) 8. Removing husks for fresher corn since boys love corn... sadly, nobody ate much, I ended up having two myself  9. After dinner trip to Deseret Book for John's (Andy's cousin's son) baptism gift 10. quick park trip after errands with some batting practice 11. Dagny's second playground of the day, she is lovin every moment and asks all the time, "we go playground now?" 12.  Cooper sleeping through the park, the purple blossoms were beautiful, as was the mountain background

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