Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Break Continued... Tuesday and Wednesday

We didn't make it out of the house all of Tuesday until Andy came home at 4 (thank goodness for an early end time) and we made our way to a make-up class for the boys' sports class at The Little Gym.  I think God gives us the talent of forgetting insignificant frustrations of the day because I can't even recall why the day was so awful, except that I know it was and that it felt like forever.  Sure, I wanted to get out of the house with my kids, but the disgruntled newborn and tons of spit-up meant every time I even managed to consider getting out, I was looking for something new to wear (mind you a hard task when everything is still too tight and you only have a few t-shirts that are loose enough).  Then, there is my almost six year old who has learned the art of talking back.  I have never felt so close to my own mother as I do now, thinking back on all those years of me talking back and challenging her authority.  How did my mom not kill me?  How will I manage not to kill my own son?  Only time will tell. ..

Then, there's my almost four year old who has suddenly decided to object or disagree with some of the things I suggest.  Like getting dressed before breakfast, something we've always done.. but all of a sudden is a choice he will not make.  Or, he'll ask me for some gum, a new tactic we use to keep him awake during sensitive he might fall asleep cuz he still kinda needs a nap but if he does nap, will not go to bed until 10 PM moments, but upon hearing no, will just scream and cry.  Go figure.

Then, last, but definitely not least, is my two and a half year old who is normally super obedient and listens well, well... that is until she wants to do something contrary to what you have planned.  Like wear her new too big shoes and a dress when it's still cold outside, or go outside when you cannot supervise and do not have a safe gated area.  Or when she wants to wear shorts when it's 50 degrees out but refuses to put on a long sleeved shirt as a compromise.  Again, go figure.

I don't really recall how painful natural childbirth was, but I know it sucked the second time around when the baby was larger than 4 pounds.  And yet, we forget.  I forget.  I have apparently forgotten because childbirth is not the worst thing now.  Simultaneous screaming and shouting from four little tyrants seems to be the worst thing right now.

We did manage to get out of the house Wednesday, and made our way to the zoo with our friends.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, one that reminded me of the beauties that Utah has to offer, with the clear blue skies and the mountains nearby.. it was glorious.  Absolutely glorious.  Also, my kids behaved, so I'm unsure if it was the weather or the behavior... either way, Wednesday was a much better day.  Lots of laundry though... because we were going to get ready for a short trip to St. George and Vegas.

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