Monday, August 17, 2009

From 14-0 to 14-1

Tiger Woods had something of an incredible streak going. 14 times he had led a major championship going into the final round. 14 times he had closed the deal and won. This last weekend was the final major of the year, and Tiger built up a 2 stroke lead over the rest of the field going into the final round. I literally chalked up his major count to 15, forgot about the fact that there was a major going on, and went on with the rest of my life. Then Sunday, as I was writing emails and getting in touch with people, I saw someone's status on Facebook mention something about Tiger losing. I didn't believe it, my mom taught me you can't believe everything you read on the internet, so I went to the source of all sporting truth, to confirm the fallacy of my friend's status.

The cover page picture was of some Asian dude holding the Wanamaker trophy. I checked my watch to make sure it wasn't April fools, and then saw my world spin into a mass of confusion. Tiger Woods... blowing a two-shot lead on Sunday?!?!?!?! My world was upside down. It was like the day I found out Santa Claus isn't real. (Sorry if I blew that for any of you). Horrible feeling.

I know Tiger is human, but he is such an extraordinary golfer. We have never seen the likes of him. Part of his success is that he has his competitors wondering if he was in fact human on the golf course. He still has 14 major titles. He has still won nearly 50% of the tournaments he has entered this year. He just had surgery and is the leading the money list of 2009. If past disappointments in his career are any measure, he will bounce back, start a new streak and move on. But he has never had a disappointment like this, so no matter how confident I am that he will bounce back... there's this small doubt that says things won't be the same.

Thankfully, when it comes to something that is actually important, we have Someone who we can look up to that won't ever leave us feeling the way Tiger left me feeling this past Sunday. We have Someone who is the same "yesterday, today and forever." Someone whose word will always be fulfilled. I thought I knew Tiger; maybe I did. Maybe he just had a bad day. He did have a bad day. But that's not good enough when it comes to making the type of sacrifices that God is asking us to make. If God were to have a bad day, in that moment when I needed Him - it would be a lot worse than looking at my Tiger pictures feeling like maybe I should replace them with Roger Federrer pics. But God doesn't have bad days. He is steady. He is constant. He is Someone whom I can put my full trust in. Someone whom I know will support me in just the right way as to help me to become more like Him.

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