Monday, August 24, 2009

Never Stop Smiling

because you never know when someone is watching.

But... what if you don't have anything to smile about?
But... what if you're too tired to smile?
But... what if you just don't feel like it?
But... what if you'd rather just grimace?

This morning, as I was driving between instructing a mini training session, errands and clients...I became lost in thoughts of "to do's," mentally attempting to organize my calendar for the upcoming week and a bit unsettled by the bleak outlook of finding a new job, uneasy about the decisions weighing my mind, and lost in what I found to be a frown. The only frowns I like to adorn are upside down ones known as smiles.

As I sat there wondering why I couldn't muster a smile, I found my mind drifting to the difference between feigning a smile and genuinely meaning it. Upon doing so, I realized there's not much difference to anyone but yourself. The difference lies in the power of impacting others as a simple smile from you can brighten their day or give them a reason to smile as well. Smiling is contagious. Nine out of ten times a smile gets me a return smile, a friendly comment or free stuff (the latter is not often) One out of ten times, a smile goes unnoticed .. but that is rare.

So if that's the case.. a fake smile is better than no smile right?

As my mind wandered into Negative Nancy-ville and pessimism permeated the air... I realized, I now have greater reason to smile besides the fact that someone may be watching. I now smile because God always is always watching over me. As this thought overwhelmed the pessimism in the air, my frown turned upside down and I smiled.

I smiled not because someone might be watching me, because someone is watching and caring for me. And no matter how tremendous life can feel, how overbearing choices can be, my choice to draw myself closer to Him was enough to bring a goofy grin to my face once more. And at the end of the day, that choice matters more than any other choice I make.

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