Friday, August 21, 2009

Stuck At The Airport When I Realized...

It's interesting how friendly people get when they've been waiting in the airport for a long time. Without knowing when the weather will improve, when the aircraft will be ready, when the "technical" issues will be resolved and when they can be on their way, the only thing left to do after yelling at the helpless air personnel or redeeming vouchers for expensive airport food, is to converse and make friends.

Conversation usually begins with shared sentiments of frustration soon followed by impatience… discomfort…. fatigue… and jolly consent that mutiny shall arise if this wait continues. The old adage "misery loves company" comes to mind and as I sit in the airport, finishing up some of the documentation I have left from the work week in order to fully enjoy my weekend in the City, I'm halted by the fascination (or distraction) I have with their meaningless conversation as they wait…. and wait…. and wait some more.

Out of nowhere, the air personnel suddenly announces their flight has been released to board and similar to a formation dance team, everyone waiting jumps up and cheers unanimously. "Finally" I hear a lot of them scream with pure joy. Eager to board their flight, everyone gathers their things and shakes hands with the new friends they've made and wishes them well for their weekend since they now know very well what each of their new friends is going to do whether it be a wedding, home or visiting family.

The reason I halted all work to blog about this was the realization that though not completely the same, it just might be a glimpse of what it's like on the other side of the veil. All of those spirits who have not yet been baptized, waiting for their opportunity based on the ordinances we perform here, may be conversing and getting to know other spirits as well. Their emotions may vary from one to another but overall, are consistent with one another. And when the work has been completed for them, I imagine sighs of relief and shouts of jubilee similar to what I just witnessed five minutes ago.

So what have I learned? … besides the fact that these poor people have been waiting for six hours to fly somewhere they could have reached by car now, I also learned to remember how great it is when the wait is over! And with that knowledge, I will continue to do the work for those on the other side with more OOMF and WOO-WOO than ever before!

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