Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Just a Really BIG Easter Egg!

When I was a child, I loved plastic Easter eggs. Brightly colored, pastel, large, small - you name it, I wanted it. So whenever Easter rolled around and the Cadbury commercials were back on air, I would start pestering my dad about some plastic eggs.

One Easter, my dad forgot to get me some plastic Easter eggs. Our family was not religious, so when exactly Easter was would sometimes get forgotten and there was no greater meaning beyond plastic Easter eggs or sparkly grass. I kept bugging him about my plastic Easter eggs and finally he said, "let's go get 'em!"

We must have gone to every single drug store and grocery store that day, with no luck of finding any plastic eggs. Defeated, my dad dropped me off at home with my mom and said he would go find me my plastic eggs. I knew my dad would get me my eggs. He promised.

That night, after hours of searching high and low for colorful plastic Easter eggs, my dad returned with a really large egg. "It's a special egg!" he told me, "the biggest of all Easter eggs!" I delighted with joy and took my one large egg and went to go play with it.

Years later, I wouldn't recall this incident, but my mom would remind me that the one large and really BIG Easter egg... was actually a container that female nylons used to be sold in.

And so... my past memories of Easter besides one actual egg hunt our family had one year in our backyard.... boil down to a Leggs canister.

This Easter was special to me. It was the first Easter I had a strong and still growing testimony of Jesus Christ and the ultimate sacrifice made for me. Though I went to Church last year and knew I was going to be LDS, my testimony was weak and upon listening to others bear their testimony, I wondered if I would ever feel that strongly for my Savior. True, I had felt the Spirit and was already acting in faith... but I was still not absolute. Today, a year later... I am confident in my knowledge of the Savior and understand that Easter is not all about big plastic eggs...

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