Saturday, March 18, 2017

What a Week!

Amazing - We're learning how to be with less Lynne and there have many a lot of really high and really low moments.  I'm eager for that moment when life with four kids returns to normal in the middle mediocrity.  Currently, we've enjoyed some yelling, bargaining, lots of screen time, and even some St. Patrick's Day fun.  I was able to finally live out my Pinterest joy of leprechaun footprints on the toilet and green food dye in the toilet, a treasure hunt with clues, Lucky Charms for breakfast, and some rainbow coloring.  We watched the same video as we did last year while in DC (time flies!) about the history of St. Patrick's Day earlier on during the week, and didn't repeat the marshmallow stamping debacle of 2016.

I was telling Andy that I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day and March Madness, I think it's because of my former life as an auditor, when these holidays coincided with the ending of Busy Season and a reason to party sponsored by the firm.  I was never a huge St. Patrick's Day person in college or even high school, and growing up, I hated the day so much because I rarely had any green, my mom would forget, and I'd always end up getting pinched.  But today, I noticed on Facebook that I've always had fond memories every year on 3/17 since I started working... Hehe.

Awful - On Wednesday morning, I asked Lynne not to come until later, and that morning was chaotic.  Bubba went to to poop while I was nursing Cooper, and then he said he was done and needed to be wiped.  I kept telling Bubba to wait, but suddenly felt like I should go help him.  So I took Cooper off, put him on the floor, and went to help Bubba.. only to find that the toilet had overflowed.  Ugh.  I'll tell you, dealing with poop water is never fun.  But when you have to also watch over four children, making sure nobody steps into the room, and disinfecting the entire area meticulously while your almost 3 month old is crying bloody murder because he not only hates being left on his own but is still hungry... it's a whole other kind of stress.  I was so mad I cursed.  My kids didn't hear me, it was more of a muttered curse under my breath.. but it oddly felt good and then regrettably bad later once I had calmed down and realized my non-cursing streak of almost 8 years had been broken.  One thing is for sure.. being Mormon has cleaned up my once quite potty mouth quite a bit, and it took a lot of toilet water, children running amuck, and a screaming baby, for me to get here.. so at least there's that.  I'm actually not sure where Dagny even was during all of this mess, but I did sadly yell at Bubba to go wash his hands, not understanding he was trying to do just that when he walked back into the restroom where I was dealing with an overflowing poop water filled toilet, when I yelled for him to get out!  Jordan was somewhere asking me to check his homework so he could go back and play.  Awful.  Just awful.  But the moral of the story is, never leave your kid in the bathroom alone for too long.

Amusing - Sometimes it's lonely in Utah because though I have a lot of friends from Church and lots of family and a lot on my plate with four kids, there's nobody to really talk to or just hang out with.  Everyone has kids and families and their own obligations!  I pretty much keep myself super busy with activities, side projects, work, kids, cooking, cleaning, etc., but lately, I'll be at classes for my kids waiting, and I'll just eavesdrop while the other moms there with their friends are chatting.  I'll try to get in on the conversation, feeling like a insecure freshman in HS, but then even if I have a few words, I'm still an outsider and they're all friends, so they are always talking about what they did or what they're going to do, etc., so really it's just easier to get on my iPhone and be antisocial.  This week, two things changed.  First, I struck up a conversation with a random mom at a class who was there for the first time who turns out has a husband working on the Lion King production and travels here and there with whatever Broadway show he's working on, and goes to Little Gym classes wherever she happens to be.  It was fun talking to her.  And realizing how old I am since I saw the production when it first came out and it's going on almost 15+ years now...   I've also begun to hang out with Andy's cousin, Dani, again, on a weekly basis.  The adult interaction and conversation is so refreshing and necessary, and it's nice to have someone in person to talk to.  I mean, I talk to my mom, my BFF, and my sister-in-law throughout the week, but there's just something different about non-facetime interactions that I suppose I need.  I didn't realize how much I missed having Dani's company as we've found it harder to reconcile our busy schedules in the last year or so after I had Dagny, but seems like we're back on track with our weekly hang outs and that makes me one happy gal.

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