Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ice Skating Fun

Amazing - We blessed Cooper today at Church.  It was so beautiful, but I missed the lion king display by Andy because I was busy closing the voice recording (we  have recorded all our baby's blessings).  Dang it! 

Awful - My shoulders hurt so much lately, I need a massage or something.

Amusing - We went ice skating this weekend, and lucky for us, the rink had these adorable seals that you could push the kids around or use as a handle and help.  The kids looked so cute in their tiny little ice skates.  At some point, I guess Dagny was done and said, "I'm done," but OGO, who was pushing her, didn't hear, and she tried to get off.  Instead of getting off when the seal wasn't moving, she got off in the middle of being pushed, and ended up falling flat on her face.  Her poor face was hurt, and when we asked her if she had fun, she responded, "yes!" but when we followed up with, "do you want to come again," she happily responded, "Umm.. no." 

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