Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bump It

My friends have been asking to see the growing bump and I have attached a progression of the bump but as you can see, it really depends what I eat, what I wear and how much is food versus baby. I look particularly slim during week 19 but part of that is the amazing slimming Lululemon pants I am wearing (which is why it is worth it to splurge a lil bit on great pants!) and week 20 is immediately following Christmas (mmmmm and all the meals that came with it!).

I have acquired a love of dresses, much more comfortable than pants and probably something I can wear post pregnancy (you know the empire loosey goosey look!) and also, I can use it for work, casual and Sunday best - all I have to do is pair it with appropriate accessories, shoes and normally a sweater for work.

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