Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Are Sleep Deprived

How does one sleep on their side effectively after they are 20 weeks pregnant? I'm told the baby won't be able to breathe appropriately if I don't sleep on my side but I'm having a very difficult time! Waking up three times in the middle of the night is not so effective and tacked onto the week's worth of long meetings and things to do is very hard! The only thing nice about not sleeping well is that I'm up so early to get ready and am able to respond to so many work e-mails and even blog a day or two in the AM. The bad thing is that I want to sleep before I have no option!

Andy is also struggling. Having gone from the Family Medicine rotation of 4 half days and one full day that began at 8 and ended around 6 to 2 weeks of luxury called vacation with no wake-up deadlines (exclusive of travel and ski days), he is finding it difficult to wake up in time to make it for his 6 AM start, even with our 10 PM sleep time!

So I suppose we are both in trouble. If we can't even get some sleep now, what happens when the baby comes?!

The only comfort seems to be, we have been very prayerful in asking for help upon return to work and school this week and thus far, despite the crazy schedule we both have, it has been doable. In fact, I am more energized, I even take time and care to do my hair and look presentable (for a while, my coworkers were commenting that I just "looked pregnant" and "a mess"). Andy has also commented that in spite of not having enough sleep and feeling fatigued constantly, his team has been great and he has had it pretty easy so far.

Since today is his first duty on call, and my longest day by far, we will see where we actually land by the end of the week. My guess? Asleep in the Temple on Friday night.


Tammy said...

Are you not a side sleeper? That was never the hard directive for me, as that is how I sleep anyways.

Deidra Smith said...

I love my sleep too, but don't get too worried. At least for yourself. The first baby you can sleep whenever they do (day and night)after they come-and you make it ok. It's when baby number two comes, that you hope and pray you can get the sleep you need at night, 'cuz in the day you'll be chasing a toddler!

Not to mention, after a week or two, you'll probably be so tired that you'll sleep no matter what position you are forced to be in!

Good luck! I guess I had it too easy. I was way too sick to work while pregnant, so sleep is all I did (although I wouldn't recommend this route:) Being sick all the time doens't really beat being tired all the time!

SupaFlowaPowa said...

Nope, sleep on my back! Thanks for the reassurance... slept with an extra pillow last night and only woke up once. Getting better!

danijackson865 said...

I love the body pillow. I started sleeping with one when I was pregnant with John and can't seem to break myself of the habit. So, I guess what I'm saying is that it can help, but beware- you will likely become dependent.