Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Friday At Long Last!

I don't believe I have ever felt such excitement for Friday as I do today! It has been a very long and eventful week for me at work. Upon returning, (forgive me for the list that is about to come), I have: done my normal scheduling and conflict resolution duties, taught a brief orientation training, attended a gruesome required technical update training, prepared and attended a 3.5 hour partner meeting, prepared and attended a 1 hour manager meeting (that somehow seeped into 1.5 hours for those of us in the office once the phone participants had departed), prepared (this one was the WORST) the slide deck for a market team all-hands meeting, including locating members for a panel discussion, inserting videos into the slides (yes, I know how! isn't it amazing?!?!), and most difficult, securing the In-N-Out truck for our lunch before the meeting.

The In-N-Out truck was the biggest challenge. First, I had to creatively think of how to get raffle tickets to all of my team and considering most are not in the office (we work at different client sites), I thought I had it solved when I sent out a pdf with a ticket I designed myself, which participants would print ahead of time. Little did I know I would have two more problems arise. #1 - Building management sent us a note that the Grand Street (where we intended to have the truck sit) was closed due to bridge remodeling. #2 - After personally going down and realizing it was not closed, I was informed by the In-N-Out crew that I was supposed to get a permit from the City of LA so they could park in the metered area. OOPS! What now?! I wanted to be proactive and try to do something but I honestly had no clue what to do. I went upstairs to talk to my representatives from the Firm who work with building management but one was away from his desk and the other had someone in her office and did not seem to notice me waiting outside. And then, without knowing what else to do, I said a lil prayer. Now, I don't normally pray for Heavenly Father's assistance as it relates to work issues (I only ask for a positive attitude and help being honest in how I interact with others), but I'd say this was a pretty explicit prayer for help. And though many might view it as good luck or a coincidence, I am quite sure the result of a "nice cop" driving by the In-N-Out truck, deciding to give them a fake permit so nobody else would bother them, is the help of Heavenly Father. I am quite sure the "nice cop" got a prompting and just followed it and how grateful I am!

A burger and a half later (I know I'm not eating for two... but come on, it was free In-N-Out and there were no fries because everything is fresh and the truck isn't big enough for potatoes), the meeting was all set to go (complete with nametags placed in alphabetical order and a rather complicated partner raffle), the teeny tiny screen was working, the speakers were semi-working, and our meeting was ready to go! I'm glad we only have all hands meetings once a quarter, anything more would be exhausting.

Unfortunately, due to the day's exciting events including a work happy hour following the meeting, I left my computer locked in the office and forgot I needed it to prep for the live meeting I am hosting today at lunch. And as such, I am currently on hold with an outsourced PwC help member from Bangalore, because my name change (effective 5 months ago) is still creating issues with work stuff and I was unsure how long it would take to resolve. Despite the difficulty I am having understanding him and his redundant questions, I am so excited that it is Friday and NOTHING can bring me down! If all goes well, my eight hour day will end at 3:30 PM. That's like a whole other day left for me!

This week reminds me of the fact that joy does comes with hard things so be diligent, persevere and get it done! Overcoming difficult obstacles provides a feeling of accomplishment and that reminds me of how hard it was to change when I decided to join the Church. It reminds me of habits or routines I had that I had to work at and were not easy... but that ultimately, I had such joy from it. True happiness and true bliss.

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