Monday, January 24, 2011

Does That Make Me a Bad Mother?

Everyone gets really excited about a nursery. I am so excited for our baby, for our future family and for the countless hours of sleep I will soon be missing but swear it matters not because my life without the baby is unimaginable.... but a nursery??... that I am not! Instead, I dream about a work out room, complete with a mirrored wall, an elliptical machine, a treadmill, some colorful yoga balls, exercise balls, a bosu ball, a ballet bar, and some free weights, maybe even a television in the corner to keep me company as I work out. Pure bliss.

I know it's part of preparing for the baby.. but besides a changing table, a crib, some cute LIGHTWEIGHT stuff to hang on the wall (because earthquakes and dropping frames in the baby room are no bueno), and some storage bins for the clothing (because I like to put things inside of boxes and those boxes inside of more boxes and I'm not a fan of clutter), my thoughts turn to directing that energy towards decorating a cute young boy's room when he's old enough to enjoy it. Will he like cars, motorcycles, trains, sports or comic books enough to decide that is the theme his bedsheets, rugs, and posters will be? Will there be a "I want to go on a mission someday" framed on the wall along with photos of our family? Or will there be clay imprints of his hand and a wall marking how tall he is every year? Those are the exciting thoughts I have when it comes to decorating his room.... but a nursery... bleh. Double bleh.

We had thought about painting the walls (because white is so dull), but now I'm over it because we'd have to figure out when I could be out of the house, etc. and I want to do it myself! Plus, the current framed Sports Illustrated magazine covers look pretty nice on the wall for a boy, right? Maybe we'll change one of 'em to the feature that will be done on Jimmer! Our first real obstacle is to move the current desks and bookshelves into the guest room (we are sooo lucky for the extra space we have in our very subsidized living space) and we have a couch that someone can chill on while they feed the baby (that would be me!) that would go perfectly with dark wooded furniture. The other obstacle is getting it. My mom has offered to cover the costs but I still have to find time to go pick it out myself and get reimbursed for it... and that sounds like a lot of work I'd rather put off. But then... when I get too large... I'll be in trouble. Nursery, you are my enemy today. Fitness room, you are my dream for tomorrow. I hope that doesn't make me a bad mother before my baby even arrives!


Genny said...

Ha! I'm right there with you. When Elena was born in the winter of Washington state, I put a treadmill and an eliptical in our garage, and that is what kept me sane, happy, and healthy. (Sad that I resold them now that we no longer have a garage...) anyway, the reason why some mom's deck out a baby's room is for themselves and not for the baby. haha. i bet i just angered a mom out there. sooooorry. ;0

SupaFlowaPowa said...

I don't think anyone should be offended cuz I think you're onto something - which is precisely why I want a fitness room instead! HAHAHAA. I guess if it's for me then I'd rather do less. Less is more sometimes. HEHE. You're so lucky that you had a treadmill AND an elliptical!

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Nurseries are overrated. We got our first child cutsie sheets for her crib, etc., but by the second child we were kind of over it. He slept in a portacrib for over a year, and turned out just fine.

I daydream about an elliptical machine, too. :)

Jaime said...

Don't stress about it. He'll probably in your room for a while anyway. Just get things little by little, when you find a good deal!

And thanks for the name suggestions! We liked them... although we are still in negotations due to Mike's pickiness :)