Saturday, September 10, 2011

If Only I'd Taken a Photo

I like observing people at the airport. So while at the airport Thursday, I did a lot of people watching while Andy and I waited for an hour long layover in the Denver airport.

I had made fun of Andy earlier for wearing his running shoes as his regular patent Nikes were still drying from the downpour in Orlando on Wednesday afternoon but little did we know, his completed outfit - a baby blue polo, plaid khaki based shorts and running shoes (I thought it looked a bit funny) would replicate itself in the form of an older gentleman at the airport. Andy didn't notice him until I pointed him out, and as we walked away, Andy said, "Dang, I am getting old... at least I didn't have a gut like that guy." But who knows what time will bring?

If only I'd taken a photo. It was quite spectacular. And a little horrific. And a bit of a blow to Andy who probably thought he was young, hip and trendy.

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