Monday, September 12, 2011

What Would You Have Done?

Jordan's sleeping schedule has been rather erratic for the last two nights in Salt Lake (we're here for two weeks for one of Andy's rotations at the University of Utah or the "U") with two feedings in the middle of the night. Though it seems normal, I much prefer when I get to make the call that it's time to eat. The bags under my eyes have not quite resurfaced, but I often struggle to stay awake during the day, hoping for a bit of shut eye here and there to catch up. And I wonder, how did I wake up every 2-3 hours when he was first born? Who knows.

So last night when Jordan woke up at 3 AM for his second feeding (the first was at 12 AM), I wondered if maybe he was crying because his diaper was uncomfortably wet. I took initiative to change his diaper (I normally wait until the AM and he usually has a very heavy wet diaper that has been on all night) because I wanted to be a good, nurturing mother who was well aware of her son's needs. Within two seconds of unwrapping his diaper, my groggy attempt to go above and beyond was thwarted with the swish of his pee which not only attacked me but our bedsheets (in the absence of a diaper changing station, I lay a towel on the bed to change him).

I had a few options at this point:

a) wake up husband and change sheets
b) use a wet nap to minimize the damage
c) murmur at self for stupid plan of action that led self to current predicament
d) go back to sleep and pretend nothing happened
e) all but A

I chose e) and I again went above and beyond by obtaining an unused pillow and laying it over the soiled area, creating a safe cushioned haven to return to sleep on. Hey, if there's one thing I've learned about parenthood, it's improvisation. And sleeping on pee. At least it wasn't poop right? Though I'm not sure if that would have changed the outcome much.


Marina said...

WWDD? What would Daisy do?

... This is what I will ask myself when I have babies. And I think sleep always takes precedence over cleaning ;-)


Sarah said...

hahaha. If it was poop I'd have just put a towel over it and then the pillow. Sleep is the most importannt! :)

Babe said...

Depends on how bad it is. I have pu foldedt towels over wet spots to sleep. I have 3 boys 1 girl. I lived with that little fountain with each boy. I understand the situation well. I got to where I would have something to catch the spout as I opened the diaper because it was usually a given that it would go off with the unvailing.