Monday, September 5, 2011

Yet Another Post-Partum Thing

With the unwelcome return of something in our restroom lately, it's become increasingly more evident that there is a distinct difference between male and female in our household. No, it's not that time of the month.

For the brief time that it disappeared, I remember the pure joy the absence of it brought me as I glanced around my restroom, noticing the clean floors, counter top, and shower. Noticing my clean towel on the sink after I used the blow drier. Free. Fresh. Clean. Clear. Not covered by it. Not mauled by it. Not contaminated by it. Such is my bathroom when my hair is not constantly falling out.

Apparently, one of the hormonal side effects of being pregnant is that your hair stops falling out. So while pregnant, for the first time in my existence, my hair stopped falling out when I washed it. If you are a male who grew up without sisters, the reality of how much hair a female can shed escapes you. Much like if you are a female growing up without brothers, the reality of how upfront males are about number two in the restroom also escapes you. The reality quickly disintegrated into a memory after getting pregnant, and though I knew it would come back a few months post partum, I secretly hoped I would be the exception. Unfortunately, I was and am not.

Sadly, the hair loss has returned only this time it has multiplied to make up for the lack of hair loss for thirty eight weeks. To prevent it from getting everywhere or from destroying our drains, I usually try to collect my hair and throw it away. On rare occasions, I loop it together and leave it on the shower walls, always intending to throw it away but sometimes forgetting. Well, this morning... my forgetful hair loss stayed on the bathroom walls as our brother-in-law, Jeff, went into our bathroom (we're all in one house on vacation) to retrieve the shampoo and conditioner for Andy's sister, Tammy and with that, my little secret was leaked.

Welcome to post-partum. It's just oodles of fun.


bruinjack said...

Every girl I know puts hair on the shower wall so it doesn't go down the drain. At least girls with long hair.

Al & Whitney said...

Haha I'm going through it too :(. Plus with Alex grabbing it I will probably be bald soon

Claire said...

Hahaha! Oh, the hair! Daisy, you are so great with words. I love this post and love not losing my hair or cleaning up after it. Guess I'm going to have to pay hard for the past nearly a year of not having to worry about it... Shoot.