Saturday, September 17, 2011

Narcissistic Me

Every parent thinks their child is the cutest thing ever. I am different, or so I'd like to think. At times, I think - what a funny smirk Jordan. Or, hmmm - that is an interesting glance. And by funny, I mean "funny looking" and by interesting I mean "interestingly appalling."

Like most parents though, I also have my moments of ... dang, that is one cute kid. Did I really create that? Did you really come from me and Andy? I cannot help but feel egotistical as my thoughts wander this way, ashamed of the pride I feel at something that is fleeting and materialistic (because shouldn't it be personality and temperament, not deliciously chunky legs and a convincingly heartbreaking smile?!) Like it or not, the narcissism I once acknowledged in my own mother as she boasted of my brother and me (as I rolled my eyes in scorn) is now apparent in myself as I pridefully enjoy my son's better moments.

His gummy smile. The bald spot on the back of his head (because as he falls asleep, he wavers between turning his head left and right and ends up going back and forth no less than ten times, rubbing what little hair he was born with). The rolls on his legs. The giggles that OGO has labeled as literate in whale. The open mouth kisses (he doesn't know how to kiss but he will open his mouth and touch your cheek with his open slobbery mouth) he loves giving. His tiny baby fingers that now open up and mesh with yours if you so let him. His edible toes that clap together and have recently found their way into his mouth and hands. His soft cheeks. His tiny butt. His big single lid eyes (if you're not Asian and confused, I'll explain this in another post, if you're Asian and don't understand, you probably have double eye-lids) that burrow his forehead every time he stretches them wide open.

And to make matters worse, I think he got it from me because little homeboy loves staring at himself in the mirror. I know they say it's because babies love facial expressions, but hey, I have facial expressions that do not make him as happy as his own.

Case in point, this photo was taken with him looking at himself in the bathroom mirror.

And this photo is him with me, using the i-phone functionality to take a photo we see. Yes, he has my nose... for now.
Photobucket matter how narcissistic we are, there's always worse. Like Will and Jada Smith who named their son and daughter, Jaden and Willa, respectively. I think that's even worse than naming your child after you. It's like you wanted to, but you thought, well if I alter it a bit, it's only a metamorphosis of me and is therefore, not so bad but just as great. HAHA! Most recently, I heard a joke on KROQ that the reason they were having marital problems (though the rumors have since been dismissed and I am glad because I think they're awesome besides the naming thing) must be because of their daughter's annoying song, Whip My Hair. Now if you have not heard of this song, you must listen to it because it is the most annoying song you will ever encounter and Kevin and Bean were spot on. She whips her hair back and forth. On repeat. There is even a music video. Really now?