Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Stay At Home Mom

  1. I can go holiday shopping on weekdays.  The weekend grind is disgusting these days. 
  2. I can go to the gym during the day and wonder what these other people do for a living.. oh right, probably what I do.
  3. I get to witness all of Jordan's milestones and sometimes I forget that Andy is not with us all day when he says something like.. "oh that laugh, I've never heard that!" as he's pulling out the camera to capture it, I'm thinking... maybe I should have done that when I heard the laugh weeks ago....  much better than when I initially responded with, "That laugh?  That's old news!"  ... good going Daisy!
  4. I get to nap during the day with Jordan.
  5. I can eat out for lunch, munch on snacks all day, have lunch meat, or go to Costco for free samples!
  6. Jordan and Andy both appreciate what I do, and Andy even tells me I'm doing a great job even when I feel like FAIL FAIL FAIL all day long.  
  7. I can talk on the phone, go on Pinterest, hop onto facebook, browse LinkedIn, blogstalk or whatever else I want to while Jordan is sleeping without feeling guilty or toggling elsewhere if someone walks by.  
  8. I can clean and organize throughout the day when time permits and I run errands like it's my job, not on the weekends when I have free time.  
  9. I can lounge all day in my PJs, decide to curl my hair and put on make-up, change outfits once, twice, three times a day, or whatever I want because there's no dress code! (or stupid closed toe shoes rule!).
  10. It's the most challenging rewarding job I've ever had.  No job description can entail what being a stay at home mom is or means, nothing can truly capture all of its amazing ups, crazy downs and everything in between but it's worth it and I love it.  LOVEEEEEE it!
Disclaimer: Though I am a stay at home mom, I do work 16 hours a week from home, but being a mom always comes first!

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Marina said...

You're a wonderful mother!