Sunday, November 27, 2011

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving has never been very American in my family.  My understanding was always that the traditional celebration involved a grand meal of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn, mashed potatoes, yams and rolls, with some sort of fancy decorated centerpiece (a cornucopia of autumn colors, pumpkins and fall leaves right?) while my own experience was drastically different (except for the couple of years my brother and I decided to do a "white Thanksgiving" which KFC and Boston Market partially provided for us).  For all the other years that I can recall, Thanksgiving always meant a lot of food with family and friends, but our turkeys were always stuffed with Chinese glutinous sticky rice while our sides included shrimp, bok choy, duck, BBQ pork, fruit salad and eight treasure rice.

Since I became a part of the Phillips family a year and a half ago, I've experienced the traditional "American Thanksgiving" complete with family, food and football and boy, does it intimidate me to think of one day hosting Thanksgiving (probably not anytime in the next decade), but more than intimidation, the experience of new Thanksgiving traditions have reminded me of the gratitude during this time which is emphasized more as part of the "American Thanksgiving" than my own "Chinese Thanksgivings."

Gratitude is an ongoing thing so my hope in jotting some down is to consistently be grateful for it and not just while I blog about it.

Ongoing hope.  Happy laughter.  Uncontrollable laughter.  Undeniable faith.  Smiling silliness.  Joyful grins.  The Gospel.  Modern revelation.  Prayer.  My testimony.  My savior.  The convenants I've made.  My eternal family.  Andy's laughter.  Andy's encouragement.  Andy's priesthood.   Jordan's squeals.  Jordan's giggles.  Jordan's poops.  Love from family.  Support from family.  My job.  My co-workers.  Andy's interviews.  Andy's schooling.  Our home.

Technology. Cell phones.  The internet.  Blogging.  Taking photos.  Boardgames.  Dancing.  Jumping. Farting.  Skipping.  The gym.  Kettlebells.  Exercise balls.  Lululemon pants.  Sequins.  Bling.  Ruffles. Charm bracelets.  Sunglasses.  Fluffy socks.  Ice cream.  Fro-yo.  Chinese food.  Chinese cake.  Pad Thai.  Sushi.  Curry.  Hawaiian Rolls.  Rice.  Fruit Tarts.  Watermelon.  Pineapple.  Beef Jerky.  Almonds.  Blue Cheese.  Tomatoes.  Celery.  Nutella.  Beans.  Tapatio.  Sour straws.  High heels.  Books.  Movies.  Music.  Candles.  Symmetry.  Rhythm.

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