Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pretty Spectacular

Last night Caitlin, who lives in the same apartment complex but different building (across from us) came over to use my shower because hers is out of order. On her way out, we started talking (we both have new babies about 2 months apart) about our babies, about life, about the next child, about moving soon, about our birth experiences... and somehow our loquacious selves found ourselves talking in the hallway for almost an hour when we heard a neighbor's door open and we both instinctively jumped back into my apartment, closed the door quietly and carefully and giggled like we were two college girls living in a dorm who inadvertently and ignorantly annoyed the neighbors. We then talked some more and by the time she left, it was around 1 AM.

After she left, I finished an episode of this week's The Office and then found myself waking up at 7 AM this morning, unable to go back to sleep (try as I might).

You want to know what's funny though? Yesterday, I was missing Andy (he's been away interviewing this past week) and just wishing I had someone to gab with. About absolutely nothing. About nothing significant. About everything really. You see, my BFF, who usually fulfills that responsibility (or obligation, what have you) is in Hawaii on vacation with her hubbie and some of our friends, so she hasn't been bored enough to call me, nor has she responded to my texts or voice mails. *sigh.

I'm fairly independent in terms of running errands and shopping or even working out on my own (and I'm that girl who ends up talking to strangers about random things), but every now and then, I just like to talk to someone. In the past, I've been known to call old friends... catch up, talk, and so on and so forth. Blame it on my seventh grade rule that I could only have three phone calls a day or that though I work part time from home, I don't have to talk to anyone (like I did at the old Firm when we always had teams or people coming to my office with issues or wanting to just talk) unless it's a client or vendor or the Bossman giving me an ad-hoc request.

So last night was fun. I got my talk on.

This last week has been the longest Andy and I have ever been apart from each other after getting married, but now it seems to have gone by so fast. The time was made short with the kind calls from family members checking in, work errands, personal errands, invitations to go out from friends, and trips to Arcasia to have lunch, go shopping and dinner. At home when it's just Jordan and me, we have taken a lot of photos, played a lot of games, thrown food all over the couch and carpet, cleaned the house, lots of laundry, skyped with Andy, organized our mail pile, (it never gets smaller.. we just try to maintain it), made a Christmas wreath, finished two books (The Entitlement Trap and Shanghai Girls - both of which I highly recommend!) and missed Andy. I am currently planning Sunday night dinner via Pinterest with Pandora playing my Mumford and Sons station in the background, the red autumn leaves blowing from the balcony view (when did Fall foliage get here?), Jordan peacefully asleep, and a trip planned to our fancy gym for a Pilates class in a bit followed by some shopping (despite me swearing I would not go back to the malls on a weekend, I feel like going today....)

It makes me realize that Heavenly Father is aware of me and my needs, as silly as they may be and that yesterday, when I was feeling really lonely and wondering who I could just gab with... that Heavenly Father sent me someone. And now, as I get ready for my day, I can't help but smile about that and all the wonderful acts of love and angels He has sent my way while Andy has been away. It's pretty spectacular. And so are these photos.

Mommy! I'm naked! Put that camera away!

Okay, maybe just one. ... or two.


Tammy said...

Call me! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the naked pics!

NB said...

Steve and I watch the Office too :) I always enjoy your personal posts.