Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Minute Blog Post Challenge

The boys are asleep. Jordan tuckered into bed around 8:30 PM, Andy said good night around 10 PM and I went to work. Put away some laundry, loaded the dishwasher, cleared Jordan's toys to the side of the floor space where he rolls incessantly, and finished an e-mail for work that was due by November 15th (that's today!).

I have become accustomed to getting key things done right after my boys are asleep and working on the computer with the swish swish swoosh sounds of our dishwasher in the dimly light living room with the distinct view of my Asian Japanese curtain separating the room from the hallway and the Asian scroll one of Andy's ex-girlfriend's moms gifted and is now a staple of our living room (I am quite fond of it actually .. no, seriously, I am) everytime I look up (which I do everytime I am thinking).

I decided I didn't want to spend more than five minutes blogging today so I will keep it at that and my thoughts shall spew everywhere like word vomit.

We watched last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother (spoiler alert if you haven't watched it yet), I clapped my hands together and said yeah (love that band) for the much anticipated reunion of Robin and Barney only to be defeated by love's confusion and the outcome of the episode. Andy scolded me for supporting two people cheating on their significant others as I claimed it was simply true love. Andy said there's no such thing as true love and as I struggled to comprehend why exactly he was right, I still clung onto the hope that Robin and Barney will be reunited and attempted to see what the rest of the internet world thought.

One thing is for sure - it was a good episode, I'm really heartbroken by Robin's reaction and that moment that stood still with Barney just staring at Robin as she shook her head... it struck me in the heart. I am rooting for them. I still think they are getting married because 1) Lily is a bridesmaid. Here's hoping!

2 minutes over.... oops! Good night!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm tempted to watch this show now!

After bedtime is definitely the time to get things done!

Andy Phillips said...

I didn't say there wasn't true love! You said that they were meant for each other... I said, we aren't meant for any one person; we choose who we are with. No soul mates. Completely different. After all, you are my one and only true love. Duh.