Friday, January 20, 2012

Cuddly Baby

My baby's been super cuddly lately.  He wants nobody but me, not even his Daddy will do.  If I leave him on the floor, he'll crawl over to me, pull himself up, and bounce up and down in his standing position, content just to be near me.  If he's tired and not in his usual chipper mood, that's not enough and he wants to be cuddled, but only by me!  Sometimes he'll crawl and mumble, "mum mum mum" in between small tears, unaware what it means, only a mutter used to get my attention.  I've never felt so loved!  Nothing can compare to the bit of pride sprinkled with a bit of guilt and pity for Andy since Jordan obviously prefers me now (I'm sure that won't last when mom's telling him to pick up his toys and dad is full of fun games and sports talk).

The last time Jordan really cuddled with us was around three months old, this new phase of his is quite refreshing.  Some things haven't changed in the eight months of Jordan's life... like how much he still loves the Bjorn, being held upside down, having his legs pulled straight (Asian wives' tale to get longer straighter legs), taking a bath, and smiling.  Other things... like the difficulty of changing his diaper, putting him to sleep, and putting his clothes on, continue to baffle me.

He loves balls, ropes, electronic devices (remote controllers, beepers, and phones) credit cards, putting all of these into his mouth, crawling, standing, Baby Einstein, and yours truly.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with his obsession of me, but then I remember... this won't last forever and he will grow up and not want to hug mom anymore.  So for now, I am indulging in the moment, taking it all in, and loving it.  Okay, so maybe not all the time, but I'm trying... and I remind myself of the honor and the greatness of being all that he wants sometimes.

Funny enough, for how much he loves me, I hardly have any photos of just him and me.  Better start asking strangers to take photos for me, or learn how to take better reverse shots of us (it's hard because all I focus on is how I look - egotistical me, and Jordan is always not paying attention when I look good hahahahaha).

Us at the BYU vs UCI volleyball game where the Cougars beat the Anteaters.  I know, Anteaters... really?


Al & Whitney said...

I love reminds me of Alex and I :) Also we don't have any pictures together either so maybe we should have a photo shoot next week of just us and the boys!!

Ahhh Mom said...

Very cute! I have a cuddly baby too. It's such a sweet feeling :)

Emmy said...

Great Proud Mommy Moment! Thank you so much for linking up.
And yes, there is nothing so sweet as a cuddly baby. My kids all seemed to way too quickly prefer daddy- it hurt at first, but now when he gets home and they just want dad I relish in the break :)

And go Cougars!