Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Diaper Days of Our Lives

It started out as a meaningless battle.  They all do.  Small insignificant scratches, some pinching even.  Grew into painful wounds.  Cries of discomfort.  Cries of pain.  Cries of anger.  Yelling.  So much yelling.  Screaming.  So much screaming.  Innocent bystanders, looking from the sidelines, unsure whether to laugh or cry.  Helpless victims.  Scars that may not fade away, not even with time.  The images in my mind... they don't stop.  The fear of it happening all over again.

Here is how I change Jordan's diaper now.  Both legs pin his arms down as his face turns beet red from the wails and resistance.  His legs are motionless in the photo, but in reality, they kick out and down, banging the floor and making the already difficult task of changing a diaper upside down, even more challenging.  Sometimes, I think he is in pain.  Are my thunder thighs suffocating him?  Is the upside down view of Mommy too much?  Is his bum more red than I can see from where I currently reside during changes?  Abandon those thoughts!  Any weakness will enable him to escape!  To roll over, diaperless, maybe staining the floor, or worse, your pants *gulp, man up!  Suck it up!  No prisoners!  

How do I know I'm not really hurting him?  That it's all a game to him?  That I must contain the situation and ensure victory on my part before he goes to war with me?!

Because within nanoseconds, he's smiling and cooing, and playing all around. 

Sneaky little cute adorable precious baby of mine.  Please stop rolling over during diaper changes.  Or at least poop when Daddy is home so I have an extra pair of hands to help me!

I waive my white flag of surrender.  The Huggies diapers (on sale at Costco now!) that have a longer side flap, superior to Kirkland brand's tiny flaps that Jordan can wiggle out of.


Jessica said...

your posts always crack me up. love it.

Emmy said...

Oh my older two both went through a phase where they would not lay still. Find and save something that he totally loves and give it to him just at diaper change time- it might help.