Friday, January 13, 2012

His New Best Friend

Jordan's too young to date, but he's taken a liking to girls.  He seems easily distracted by pretty girls, he especially likes the big bows parents put on their short haired daughters, and ruffles.  And apparently, he likes the older ladies...  those dang 2 year olds, they sure are hot although they still scare him since they can walk and he can't, so instead... he's been pretty infatuated with Jessie lately.  

Jessie is exactly one week older than Jordan!  We have plans for date swaps with her parents and I am excited for Jordan because he seems to light up when Jessie is around (okay, maybe not "light" up, but at least he doesn't get scared... that's a huge step here).  With the two of them being so close in age, it's fun to observe their reactions to each other because they are both the first kids and their development and size are similar.. it's absolutely adorable!

I've noticed that Jordan is also very calm around Jessie... partly because she's so darn cute, but it also might be because older kids (even by a few months) might trample on him and are more aggressive and therefore, sometimes scare him.  He's a shy little boy.  Little babies, on the other hand, are just objects for him to grab at and I get nervous when he's playing with them.  I'm a paranoid mom.  But see, with Jessie... Jordan just grabs her shirt.. she grabs his... he grabs her hair bows, she grabs his face, it is very friendly and comfortable for both of them, nothing intimidating, nothing alarming... just nice.

This is from when Jordan and Jessie were about 5 months!  He's already very protective of her.  


Emmy said...

Awe how cute! A little girlfriend already- better watch him :)

Andrew and Courtney said...

Love it!!!! :) BFF's!! Let's be honest, they really are pretty adorable, aren't they?