Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Bye Big Ugly Box of Residency Interview Informational Folders!

It's been good knowing you.. but I'm glad it's almost time to discard you.  This morning, Andy let out a yelping scream a little after 9 AM.  He matched!  Ahem, WE matched.  We don't know where, but somewhere.. there's a residency program and potential preliminary program (if we didn't match to a five year program) that wants to train Andy to become a radiologist.  It's extremely exciting news, news worth celebrating, and the culmination of about three grand (not counting Board examinations), a lot of Southwest travel points, a lot of preparation, anxiety, interviewing, and a lot of careful balancing between working hard and leaving it to the Lord.  I am so grateful that we matched, but know that if we didn't... it would not be so bad as the Lord would comfort our natural man tendency to feel inadequate or disappointed.

I am personally excited as Friday approaches (the day we find out where we will be for the next five years and an excuse to have family come visit us - always great fun!) and I get to throw all these binders away.  I've been piling them up slowly after each of Andy's interviews.. anticipating the time I can discard them and have less clutter.  I'm a clutter-phobic and after finally putting away all my BlueSky working papers into my newly purchased Accordian folder, I am pleased with the reduction of work around the dining table.  I would love to work in an office, but it's more logical to work in the dining room so I can watch Jordan while he's playing in the living room.  I also would love for him to have a play room or only play in his room, but for now.. the living room is our place of being.

Good bye big ugly box of residency interview informational folders.  I am glad to see you go.
To the left is a camp bag of Primary stuff I lug around each Sunday... and to the left of his residency folders is my Jordan Baby Book (that I need to update!), my Accordian BlueSky binder, a notebook, my new Adobe Photoshop (that I won't let myself open until I finish all the work necessary for my monthly in person with the bossman meeting that happens on the second Wednesday of the month), our monthly receipts for March thus far and my stapler.

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

Congrats on matching! That's biiiig news!! Can't wait to find out where you're going, although I'm very very sad that you'll be leaving!