Thursday, March 22, 2012

That's My Soap!

My mom got me a few really delicious smelling bars of Asian soap.  I was so excited to shower, thinking of how wonderful it smelled (I use Asian body soap but I bought the wrong kind and this container is so big that it feels like I haven't made much of a dent).  And then I started to notice my wonderful bar of soap growing smaller disproportionately to the speed I was using it.  I didn't figure out who the culprit was until Andy came out smelling like a girl the other day.

"Have you been using my soap?" I asked.

His eyes opened and his shoulders rose as he shrugged.

The look said it all.  "Use your Old Spice body soap!" I demanded.

"I'm all out and it's so easy when the soap's just there."  He then started to articulately explain how the body soap and loofa process is more complicated and time consuming than using the bar of soap. Why doesn't Old Spice doesn't just make a bar of soap instead of body soap?

The bar of Asian soap was at its end two nights ago.  As I was working in the dining room, I heard a yell from Andy asking if I could get him more soap (he knows the box came with four and we've only used two thus far).  "No, just use my body soap!" "No, I don't want to, I'll smell like a girl!" he replied.


I didn't respond.  When Andy was done with his shower, he came out into the living room, asking me why I hadn't brought him the bar of soap.

"It's MY soap!  Just use my body soap!"

I thought we were done with the soap conversation.

In the shower last night, I noticed a new bar of yummy soap sitting there.  "Andy!!!!"  I yelled from the bathroom .... "you got another bar of soap?!  How did you know where it was?" (I didn't hide it, but I just didn't reveal to him where it was tucked away in the guest bathroom cabinets).

"I just took it from the guest bathroom," he responded matter of factly.  "I saw it when I was giving Jordan a bath."

Oh yeah, I left it there because we were out of other bars of soap and had family visiting last week.  DOH!

On my shopping list today: ANY BRAND of soap, bar form.

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