Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When You're Feeling Down

5 loads of laundry.
27 pieces of rice krispy cereal on the floor.
1 rotten banana. leaking...onto my
5 newly but now ruined sticks of Mentos.

5 seconds.
1 baby's curiosity.
1 mom's carelessness.
1 lick of a Pledge bottle.
2 hours of calls with the on call nurse and poison control.

2 sick boys.
2 infected ears.
lots of tissue boxes.
coughing.  hacking.  gooey yuckiness.
1 healthy mom (so far). ...

Whenever you feel down with life... with how messy your house is, how out of control your to do lists have become, and overwhelmed by the thought of what you would like to do but cannot do because of circumstances outside of your control... just know you are not alone.  That's what I'm telling myself today.

And if you still feel bad... just remember you were the one spermatozoa who made it.  Out of millions!

Yeah, feeling pretty good about myself right now.


Anton A. Hill said...

Hi Daisy,

I saw your Mormon ad on YouTube. I find the fact that you converted fascinating. I find your reason, "Once I knew [the Book of Mormon] was true," even more fascinating. Especially since it's more a declaration than a reason. What was it that convinced you that LDS is true?



SupaFlowaPowa said...

There's this thing called the Spirit ...which for me (it's different for everyone), was a weird tug at my heart, a sort of tingly feeling much like the butterflies in your stomach when you have a crush on someone, but it was consistent and it kept on happening. That plus the ton of coincidences which were going on which were beyond my control, and I finally was humble enough to admit there was something greater than myself making it all happen. Once I had that.. everything else kind of came along with it - like the logical part of why it all makes sense. One of the biggest testaments to me about why LDS is indeed "true" as we like to say, is the organization of the Church. I guess you could say.. if there indeed was a devil... what Church would he attack the most? Probably the one that's real... probably the Momos. Or, if God really does want us to grow and watches after us... how would he organize his Church? After that of the historical organization of when Jesus was here.. yes, that makes sense. I know that's a really long answer and it's a lot more complicated than just that - but hopefully some of my older blog posts help answer those questions. Hope that helps answer your question though!

Sarah said...

It's 6am for me, and I am basically I am running on like no sleep and not thinking totally clearly. Thus, as I read this post I saw the word sperm and I thought, for sure, that you were announcing that you were pregnant :)