Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A 90's Type of Gal

As I near the big dirty thirty, I found this through a friend's facebook link and just had to share my favorite 90's items. To commemorate my soon to be 3-0, here are just 30.  The full list, which can be found here, has 241!
  1. Glitter gel- roll on.  And of course, also glitter eyeliner, glitter hair spray, glitter nail polish... just you wait, glitter tattoos just came back, make-up is next (good thing I hoarded all my old Tony and Tina glitter)
  2. Butterfly clipsHigh school staple in my hair. 

  3.  Umm, 90's?  Please, I still go here. 
  4.  Slap braclets - always in.
  5.  Scrunchies - yes yes, the easiest way to put a bun on your head!  I have been looking for these lately!
  6.  Had way too many of these, and mood ones, triple BFFs, and also bracelets and rings. 
  7. My mom would never let me get any of these, I was so jealous of all the white girls who had 'em.  "They'll destroy your feet!" she told me.  And no, I still have never gotten any. 
  8. Gel pens - used these in much of my high school career for scrapbooking and yearbook signing and heck, everything else in between!  I might have been politely asked by a teacher to use blue or black pen. 
  9.  After smelling them for a while, you would get a headache, but it was worth it!
  10. Lisa Frank - seriously, just look at the vibrant colors!  Funny story, in fifth grade I got Lisa Frank Valentine cards, then realized they were TOO lovy dovy and couldn't figure out who to give which cards (in case they thought I liked them!) so I destroyed 'em all and used my dad's copy machine to make Aladdin copyright infringed paper Valentine's.  Apparently, I made quite the impression... years later, classmates would still be commenting on my cheap ghetto cards.
  11. Had about two or three purple ones, one in high school and then one to bring with me to college.  I think they all eventually popped, but they were hip man.   
  12. Yes, I had this phone. 
  13.  My cousins started me on this. 
  14.  and this... I always loved the name Wakefield!
  15.  these were so dumb...
  16.  but these were no better, just felt more mature than Goosebumps
  17. Disney Adventures - the magazine, the Us Weekly for kids.  It was so fun to read! See photo here. 
  18.  Friday nights... going out?  Heck no, let's stay home and watch TGIF!
  19.  I didn't have cable growing up but my cousins did and I loved Doug!  
  20.  Dawson's Creek - the show came out my freshman year and I recorded it on VCR (because I wasn't allowed to watch TV from Mon-Friday) and for some strange reason, I really liked the show! 
  21.  Who doesn't watch Friends?
  22. It was great until they got to college... and I always wondered why his brother got so dumb throughout the show. 
  23.  I get to watch these again because my nieces have it!  So much fun! Love Webby. 
  24. Sailor Moon (the photo won't work, see it here).  Never actually watched the show, just loved everything about it and we carried around little cards of the characters.  
  25. I miss my boom box. but I guess the ipod is lighter. 
  26.  Junior year of high school... watched this with my first boyfriend and my baby brother, who my mom made me bring along wherever I went. I don't think we even held hands during the movie, good idea mom. 
  27.  So fun to find these in your lunch bags, too bad mom didn't think they were good and stopped letting us get 'em after a while. 
  28.  Why these were funny?  I'm not sure, but they still are. 
  29. Doc Martens, except I OWN those - same exact pair.  Andy made fun of me for 'em, said they were bulky.  
  30. Why did everyone wear these?  They are so ugly!  They are like the TOMS of the 90's, evidence that one day, we'll look back and say ugh, Chinaman shoes!...yes, even though they are horrifically comfortable.  I accidentally wore a pair of these to the ESPYs in 2001 because I forgot to bring shoes to change into after we raced out of Claremont towards downtown LA to sit as seat fillers. 



sara said...

it seems obvious to me that gena and i read your blog religiously. i was actually just thinking yesterday about how much i miss my boom box!

Al & Whitney said...

hahah had every single thing on that list, but Toms aren't ugly.

Sijbrich said...

This was a fun walk down memory lane for me, too. My mom never let us get Squeeze-Its, either.

You guys are going to move to Spokane? I have a brother that is a radiologist in Spokane. Perhaps he and Andy will cross paths somehow or maybe you guys will be in the same ward.:-)

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