Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Retail Therapy for the Whole Family

We recently forgot we got a chunk of money from disability when I was on maternity leave.  You know when you find money in your pants while washing them?  Way better.

Today, Andy asked me....

"So with the extra money we just realized we had... and the sale of our car.... does this mean we might have some extra spending money?"

"Why, what do you want with it?" I asked, already knowing he was in need of some more golf stuff.

"Well, there's this golf bag..."

I'm not sure what he said after but once I tuned back in, I suggested...

"What about we make it our anniversary presents?"

"Okay... but when can I get it?  Do I have to wait?" he asked.

"Why?  Do you need it NOW?" I inquired.

"Well, this bag's on sale, so..." his voice trailed off.

"Okay, sure, get it soon and then I dunno, maybe it can be a graduation present?" I was on my way out the door, so I really didn't have much to direct him with and figured he was a big boy.  He knew what to do.  The conversation was just based on our agreement to discuss any big purchases together before proceeding.

Two hours later, I came home after some retail therapy with Jordan and called Andy to come help me in the garage.  Apparently, the few days before Easter are the time to get Easter outfits.  I spent $20 at Children's Place (got Jordan a pink shirt, no the Gingham one I wanted was all gone, for $8, and three little boy ties for $3 each!), $11 at Target for baby snacks, and $20 at Nordstrom for Jordan's first shoes ever.

"I spent so much money today!" I exclaimed.

"What?  How much?" Andy asked.  "On yourself?"

I didn't respond entirely to all his questions.  "No, mostly Jordan (I had some of the Kix I got him on the car ride home)" I responded.

"Oh, that's good." he said.

We got upstairs and into the house.

Upon entering the apartment, I saw sitting in the living room ... a brand new bright blue golf bag!

Guess Andy was doing his own retail therapy while Jordan and I were out and about.  Turns out I'm the only one who didn't get anything new.  Who would have thought?!

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