Saturday, April 28, 2012

Off Again... for his one year

We're off to the capital of the nation, where we'll also visit the Capitol (confusing right?) and celebrate Jordan's first birthday with Andy's immediate family!  As cliche as every first time mother says at the one year mark, I cannot believe it's been a year.  Though it definitely does NOT seem like yesterday when we were off to the hospital when I miraculously made it to 7 cm dilated with no pain (thank you genes), from the photos over the course of a year, it doesn't seem like Andy and I have aged much.  That's the beauty of right now.  Though Jordan has transformed from alien wrinkly and puffy baby to cute walking meddling monster, we have stayed our effervescent young selves (though sleep we are definitely lacking despite his 11-12 hour sleeping schedule, the weekends will get you).  I'm hoping we won't start to see significant changes until another ten years.. as for Jordan, he will only continue to transform into a toddler!  *sniff sniff  How has my little barely can hold his head bopping up and down, then rolling over, crawling, standing, and now walking (and quite well!) baby changed and grown so fast?!

Happy early birthday Jordan!  For those of you who actually follow the blog and are wondering, he picked the ten-key and then a dollar bill for his Chinese zhua zhou.  So he will either be an accountant, or as I'd prefer - a banker or just money savvy.  Thata boy!

I forgot to take his 11 month photo, life was just too much fun and I was too lazy.  Here's his 12 month photo, 3 days early.


sara said...

i was wondering. thanks!

Gena Hopper said...

Happy birthday little Jordan!