Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's True...

At 11 months, a week shy of one year old, my son's pee stream just hit me in the face.  It's true, everyone told me it would happen, that the pee stream would turn from a half broken water fountain into a geyser.  When precisely, they did not tell me.  Yes, they were indeed right.  Here's me fulfilling my responsibility as a fellow parent with a warning to all those who have yet to experience the joy of pee in their face.  Above the eye to be precise.  Boy, am I glad my mouth was not agape.

Did I do that?


Sijbrich said...

I was just discussing with some friends the other day how much I prefer changing girl diapers over boy diapers. I get nervous everytime I change my son's diaper. Last week at a doctor's appointment, he peed all over the scale while being weighed. Lovely.
So at this point are you praying for a girl next time around?:-)

Anton A. Hill said...

Hi Daisy,

Wasn't sure where to leave this. I've responded: