Friday, May 24, 2013


Seeing how effective #freejimmer has been, I decided to start a free Adam hashtag. Although much less traffic on the hashtag than on the Jimmer version, it seems to be getting more results faster. Unlike #freejimmer, which despite many people using (including celebrities), has been mostly futile, with Jimmer riding the pine throughout the season, I started #freeadam, about 2 days ago, and I am sitting here on the eve of his discharge. Maybe if I started instagramming about freeing Jimmer, he would be free.

I am so incredibly excited and grateful my little guy gets to come home with us. He has had a great week, and unlike last week when I had some reservations about the potential discharge, I am comfortable with how much he has progressed, and how he is getting the hang of breath, suck and swallow.

As difficult as this whole process has been, I have learned some priceless lessons about patience, long-suffering, love, priesthood blessings and fasting. Now that Adam and Jordan will be able to hang out, I am sure they will start plotting how they can teach mom and dad the next lesson on long-suffering.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Yay for going home!! Let real life begin :)

Lauren said...