Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Firstborn

Future golfer methinks?  He is so precious and has been such an awesome boy during this whole NICU baby my parents just drop me off at friends' homes for playdates everyday and what the heck is going on and why do I keep saying "hi and bye Bubba" every time we drive by the hospital and why does Mom always disappear to go "pump?"

He is learning so much, testing the waters, trying to be obedient yet crazy at times, eating so much better (thank goodness for that!) and just a bundle of joy during this busy time for us.  

Thank you Jordan, for being such an awesome big brother and first born.  You are setting the bar quite high for your siblings.  And you look so darn cute with your lil golf bag and real golf clubs!  Way to go Jordo! Don't worry, Bubba will be home soon and you can teach him all about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, golf, ball, and float boat.

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