Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Scene

Mom and Jordan walk into master bedroom where Bubba is sleeping.  Mom goes to the restroom to grab some rubbing alcohol and cotton ball while Jordan follows along. The two are on their way out when the following happens.

Mom: Jordan, be very quiet - Bubba is sleeping.  Let's go outside.
Jordan: No, I want play Bubba.
Mom: Jordan, do not wake up Bubba.  Come on, let's go.

Mom makes her way out but Jordan does not follow.  She proceeds to the front door to put a command hook on the door.  A few seconds go by and she is about done.  Jordan runs over to the living room, excited.  

Jordan: Mommy!  Bubba happy!
Mom: Oh yeah?  Is he not sleeping?
Jordan: No, Bubba happy!
Mom: Jordan, did you wake up Bubba?!
Jordan: Yes, but he happy!  I make Bubba happy!
Mom: exasperated.... Jordan!  Why did you do that?

Thanks Jordan.  At least they love each other, right?

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