Monday, August 19, 2013

Here's to the Never Ending Summer!

We are having too much fun to blog.  Life has been crazy.  Having so much family around is loads of fun, but we, okay I... barely have any downtime!  Jordan has so much fun whether it be playing with the kids who live downstairs or his cousins who live about 5 minutes away... but we really do need more boy friends.  He also loves his baby brother tremendously and it's oh so sweet.  We took him to the movies to see Planes this last weekend, and as we were finishing dinner and going up the escalator, he asked us... "Where's Bubba?"  So sweet.  Andy has enjoyed all the sports back in his life.  Since we moved away from South Pasadena, he didn't really get to play ball every Wednesday or participate in softball and turkey bowls.  Now, he is playing softball, basketball and golf on a weekly basis and he is in heaven.  Me?  I'm enjoying all the mall time I get.  We go a lot.  Jordan is a fan of the mall as much as he is of the park lately.  It's great!

With the McKissicks visiting from Angola for the birth of their sweet baby girl HG, that means TWO adults without jobs in addition to me (my part-time doesn't really count right?) and a lot of outings.  I know the malls very well, as I should.  Everyday is chalk full of things to do above and beyond that of our normal household chores and mommy's work.  It's been so much fun watching Jordan and how excited he gets when he sees his cousins or goes to "Grandma's house."  He also knows which one is "Jan's house" and all the extended family members' names as we see them throughout the week and if not, we definitely see them for Sunday dinner.  It's oh-so-wonderful!

But all that fun is coming to a mild halt as we gear up for potty training.  Yuck.  Gross.  AHHHHHH!!!!!!

You'll notice there aren't a lot of photos of the cousins.  Somehow, whenever we're together - I forget to snap photos and just enjoy.  I need to take more photos of when we're all together.  And more family photos.. there will be multiple outings and Andy and I will both realize none of us took a single photo.  Drats.

Here's to the never ending summer!

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