Sunday, August 25, 2013

We Failed and Gave Up

If you're wondering how potty training went, Andy just went to buy another pack of diapers last night. I really thought he was ready but after two days of house arrest and too much bribery and negative reinforcement, I finally buckled down and read the 3 Day Potty Training Guide (one of the many out there but according to my friend who succeeded with her 29 month old after 1 day!). There were some things we were doing correctly but in order to succeed and help him associate the sensation of needing to pee or poop to the toilet, I had to be really focused in. Too bad I was still taking conference calls and doing laundry. Bad mom.. guilty as charged...  So we gave up and decided to try again in 30 days. Yuck just thinking about it again.

After being confined for two days, we both couldn't wait to get out.  We went to our Gymboree class to run around, met up with the McKissicks for lunch at the mall, and then went to City Creek the next day to meet up with Spokane TY friends.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to support our friends, the Emerys, at a carnival following a 5K run that was put on for them.  It was so good to see the Emerys after not having seen them for over a year and a half.  Being in Salt Lake sure has its perks and this was definitely one of them.  Mike has stage 4 cancer and Mike and Siegrid have three beautiful and amazing kids.  It breaks my heart to even write about so you'll just have to read more by visiting here.

Not pictured: Diggy, Pao-Pao (their other two boys) and Bubba

In the mail, we were surprised to find some Spokane Transitional Year photos from our "mom," Debora.  I made this little snippet of joy with some of the photos:
It's crazy because the left is June 2012 and the right is 2013 (without Bubba who is in the carseat sleeping I think...) Spokane was an amazing year.  Though it's fun to be here in Salt Lake with family, the program doesn't feel as tight knit as Spokane and the 5 PM/6PM end of business work day for Andy is also quite different here (sometimes he got off at 1 PM or earlier... not always, but sometimes!).  In Spokane, all the resident wives/girlfriends met during the kickoff dinner the program sponsored at the hospital and we all had initiative to somehow get together for a monthly book club and Power of Moms group.  We lived the farthest from everyone which was about 20 minutes but since Spokane was so small.. it didn't feel so bad.  Salt Lake is so big and there's so much around me.. I just don't feel like driving 20 minutes to hang out cuz I'm lazy like that.  

Thinking back to Spokane, it didn't feel like I saw the other transitional year wives that much, but compared to Salt Lake so far.. I definitely did!  It was so nice to finally have a group of friends who were so easy to relate to since all our hubs worked together and went through most of the same rotations (some electives were different).  I guess because of that.. Spokane will always have a special place in my heart and I'm glad I still keep in touch with most of the resident wives from there - even if it's only on Instagram hehe.  I'm hoping I'll get to know one of the other resident's wife here but she is also quite busy as she works part-time too and we've found out that our kids take nap times at different times which makes getting out together difficult.  On top of all that, having family nearby really puts a crutch on any desire to schedule playdates with other people.  I feel like I've done it a bit but it's always easier to go over to Grandma's house or call my sis-in-law and ask what they're up to and if we can tag along.  I'll be in for a surprise once they're gone and my social calendar seems terribly empty.  *le sigh.  

Sunday dinners with family are the best.  Jordan loves his cousins, though he may be slightly biased towards Violet, who is closest to him in age and seems to get his non-verbal cues more than Sophie who is in 1st grade.  He loves them both obviously, but he kinda just tags along with Violet more.  Here are the crazy kiddos dancing tonight at our Aunt Jan's.  
I've gotten really into Adobe Photoshop lately (see new banner above also...).  I made Bubba's announcement, some cards, some new art, and these three prints (after getting tired of the Chevron prints in my bathroom... I dunno... I'm not a huge fan of Chevron and after seeing them in the restroom a few times... I decided to change it up).

Andy and I both though these three prints were fitting for two boys.  If we have a daughter down the road... we may change some of the prints... but that's the nice thing about Adobe Photoshop.  I don't feel any sort of commitment to the prints I do make!  Hehe.

And that is what we've been up to since the disaster known as potty training fail #1.

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Lauren said...

I'm DREADING potty training. You are brave to even try!!

So cool you got to see the Emory's. And that wipe your bum print is sooo funny!

Love the new banner at the top too. You are so talented!