Sunday, August 4, 2013

Impeccable Timing

This morning, my husband blessed our second son, Adam Watson.  In our Church, kids aren't eligible for baptism until the age of 8, believing that to be the age when kids can discern and choose for themselves.  So when a baby is born, a father is able to bless him and that is when the child is added to the Church records.  Well, three months later Adam is finally on the record as a part of our family!

We were lucky to have so much family nearby for the blessing (for Jordan's, a lot of people had to drive or fly in), and since I'm the only member in my family... I'm glad we're in Utah for Bubba's blessing because in place of my side of the family, we had lots more of Andy's side and friends who also came (like the Rasmussens who were there for Jordan's baby blessing too!) because they all live near by us now!  It was a bit sad that we missed our brother-in-law, Jeff, by three days, but Bubba was getting too big for his blessing outfit which May had to extend the back so we could button it for... at least we'll all be together for my new niece (coming soon) Labor Day weekend.

The morning was quite hectic... I'm surprised we made it through .. we scrambled to get everyone out the door and I came home after the first hour (our church is three hours) to get some of the food ready and change Bubba into his outfit.  Looking at the photos, I am unhappy with my flat hair.  So far, I have had flat hair for two blessings of my children.. we'll have to see if I succeed with the next child.  We changed Bubba into his blessing outfit right before the Sacrament started (which is when he's blessed), and Jordan into his nice new white pants to match Bubba at the same time.  Well, to my surprise, Jordan's pants are still white (even after eating earlier today) but .... Bubba had a blowout a mere seconds before he was to be blessed.  It was not pretty.  He has impeccable timing.  But he sure looked absolutely adorable in the outfit my mother-in-law made for him.  I was thinking he'd just wear Jordan's outfit since Jordan only got to wear it once and it was also made by her and soooo cute.  But she would not let that be, and made him the cutest outfit as well!  Now I'll have to keep good care of both outfits so they can give it to their sons to wear for their blessings.  Hehe.

One thing is definite - is a blessing I will never forget.

I'm so grateful we have a home to host family and friends in without it being super duper crowded.  The kids were able to run around and go to the den but also hang out in the living room.  We have a large enough kitchen for the food and a dining room and living room for guests to eat in.  So nice!  I love having a home!!!

As for the spread, I was quite unsettled for a while about what I wanted to do.  We finally settled on pulled pork sandwiches and I even had the energy and time to make a "Welcome Bubba" sign and put his announcement (not yet mailed) in a frame along with some $1 chalk labeled tin cans for the utensils.  That felt like a lot to em.  Next time, I will try to cut some fresh flowers from our yard to put on the table too!

Tammy, my sister-in-law, helped me with some delicious pina colada punch and my father-in-law and her made cole slaw to go with the pulled pork sandwiches I made in the crock pot.  I also made some almond jelly with fruit cocktail (it's like the Chinese version of being Mormon).  For the cake, we went with Costco, and some friends brought additional desserts.  I was nervous about not having enough food, but we had plenty and too much cake!  Cake for days....

We tried to get a photo of the spread but from the looks of it, were unsuccessful (they just disappeared from the memory card).  Oh well.

We did, however, bust out our trusty tripod and got some great photos!  A few people had left the party already, but here the rest of us are!

what a beautiful garage you have! 
why thank you... thank you so much...

all pointing to Bubba.. I always think I'm taller than I am.. I am bending here, thinking I would cover someone.. who I am not sure.  
us with Tammy and the girls (Jeff to be photoshopped in) and May and Dennis

us with the Barkers

us with Jan (Ike to be photoshopped in)

us with the Los (Ronny to be photoshopped in)

cousin love

Jordan would rather jump off the couch than take photos

ready... set...

grandparent love


Lauren said...

Haha! Those precious white blessing outfits are just asking for a blowout, I swear!
You all look so good!! Blessing Days are always so special, congratulations!

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Deidra Smith said...

Beautiful day. The blowouts always tend to happen at memorable times . . . I think my little brother blew out on the way to uncle david's wedding. I wasn't very old, but I still remember!

Genny said...

Oh Daisy! Your baby is so big and healthy! That's so great. It was fun to see all of the asian mixtures in your family ;) Cute cute!