Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At Long Last!

My mom loves re-telling the story about my obsession with "aye-shui" when I was still learning how to talk. I would alway beg for "aye-shui" which was confused as water since "shui" (think feng-shui) but when water was brought to me, I would continue to cry and ask for "aye-shui." Finally, upon taking me to the land of pink dots, pink spoons and 31 fantastic flavors to choose from, I exclaimed with joy and said "aye-shui!" That was when they got my muddled disoriented demands as ice cream.

I've never had a favorite ice cream flavor. There are just too many that I love. Among my favorites are rainbow sherbert (cuz it's rainbow, do I need to say more?), bubble gum (because there's bubble gum in it and only select places would sell it, but it's kinda gross now that I think about it), cookies n cream, cheesecake, black cherry and mint n chip, BUT... yes, there's a but, BUT I would only eat mint n chip if it was from Thrifty because everywhere else had chips that were too big and distracted me from the ice cream itself.

I thought I had a new favorite ice cream flavor last year... a discovery of pineapple and coconut together in one fantastic swirl of wonderfulness, also from Thrifty. But just recently, Andy and I discovered my NEW and NOW favorite ice cream flavor.

Get ready for it. It's legend... are you lactose intolerant? ... dairy!!!

Lemonhead! Oh my my.. how do I even begin to describe it? It's a bit tart but not too much, a bit creamy but not too much.. a mix between sorbet and ice cream with pixie dust lemonhead pieces.. oh, just magical I tell you!

Lucky me that my husband loves ice cream every bit as much as I do because Rite-Aid (the only place I know that sells Thrifty but who knows... wonder if the El Monte Thrifty factory has tours...) has 2 1.75qts for $5 or 2 for $6 (I know, I often wonder how many I should get when they are 2 for $5) and last week, after we finished our first ever Lemonhead ice cream, we kept dwelling on how wonderful it was, hoping for more, as we lacklusterly got through the rest of Black Cherry. So this weekend, Andy came home with not one.. but two Lemonhead ice creams! Delicious. I seriously think about Lemonhead ice cream at least three times a day, excited for dessert at night! Miam I tell you!

So yours truly finally, at long last, has a favorite ice cream. Lemonhead, I declare you are my favorite ice cream ever!

Disclaimer: Thrifty did not compensate me in any shape, way or form to rave about their ice cream. They are, without a doubt, the best ice cream for the price, and if you buy it in the store (like my parents did for me as the past time for Laundromat days), it comes in a square scoop!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Does it taste like the candy? I think we're gonna have to try some! Rainbow sherbet is my favorite flavor followed closely by cookies n cream! Yummmmm!

Marina said...

Legend...Dairy! Hahha Love it.

I usually don't like lemon flavors - lemon sherbets are too tart for my taste, but your raving about it makes me want to reconsider :)

Jeff said...

I freaking love lemonheads!

bruinjack said...

Just so you know (before you move away from California), even with all of my many e-mail requests, Rite-aid does not sell thrifty brand ice cream outside of California and some select Nevada locations.