Friday, August 26, 2011

Sometimes I'm Hoity Toity Because I Just Am...

One of the perks of living in Los Angeles is the proximity of the Fashion District downtown. Once a month on the last Friday, the ninth floor of the California Mart (my junior prom was here, it was weird to say the least) becomes the hoity toity haven for cheap baby stuff.

I've been a couple of times and at first, was appalled by what any toddler or infant would need Diesel jeans and moreover by the "discounted" price of tiny t-shirts and onesies with seemingly trendy phrases being sold for $10. That's not a deal. It's a steal (in the bad way)! I might have better luck at the local Goodwill where the spit and milk stains might pass as "cool" if faded on purpose (or so I'd claim).

But as we came across one store in particular, I saw diaper bags for $10-$40. Given diaper bags from Target cost $20, these originally retailed bags of $100 - $300 (think Storksak, Reese Li, Babymel) were indeed a reason to spend some hard earned cash! As I browsed some more, I saw very cute Sunday Best outfits similar to what I might find at Janie and Jack for $10-$15 and other deals at stores that sold to little boutiques in Los Angeles that I had never heard of but were - even I must admit - pretty darn cute. Besides going to Ross, Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx and going through the mess of clothes that are all well priced or even making a trip to Macy's when they are discounting last season's stuff, this was pretty much the next best thing. I got so excited that I eventually made my way back once with my mum and once with my mother-in-law and plan on going back for more!

And so I wanted to share this bit of insider information (the good kind Martha) because sometimes it's fun to feel hoity toity and know you didn't spend that much for it. Nobody can see the markings of "sample" inside my bag and it's a pretty sweet bag - better than any free Carter's bag you could get from Babies 'R' Us for buying a certain amount of baby stuff (yes, you know the deal, almost everyone got a free bag for spending more than $50).

So if you're in Los Angeles or know someone around, send 'em to the ninth floor of the California Mart on the last Friday of the month for some cheap hoity toity baby stuff. It's well worth a trip.

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Sarah said...

Show us a pic! :) I wish I could grab one of those bags. I definitely am in need!