Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Token Asian Baby

Despite having grown up in Arcasia, my Asian roots haven't done much for me in terms of mom friends and baby play dates. I think this is due to the fact that most of my Asian friends from back home are still sans baby. According to their timeline of wanting certain accomplishments checked off first, a strong desire to travel more, a suitable income, a required number of years married before starting a family or simply no time, babies have been postponed and as such, I am the first baby momma in my group of Asian friends.

Lucky for me, everyone in my building is having babies and the same goes for everyone in my Church! As a result, I have made random friends with baby's mommas in our apartment complex and from other babies' mommas at Church.

At Church, there is a maternity lounge complete with rocking chairs, a diaper changing station, boppys, a sink, speakers so you can hear what is going on during Sacrament and a mirror to fix your clothes for afterwards. Since Jordan began going to Church after being a month old, we have frequented this maternity lounge often and met so many other mothers and babies while there. It feels good to be part of a special VIP club known as Motherhood, and even more fun to know I'm not the only member in the My Baby Won't Take the Bottle Club.

A few weeks ago, one of my preggers walking buddies, Nicole, who lives up the street from us, decided to have a 2011 Babies Party which we co-hosted! We overestimated the amount of games a mom of babies all less than seven months could accomplish but still had a great time meeting other babies and mommies, munching on an assortment of potluck-ed lunch and conversing about our babies. It was reassuring to talk about each baby's milestones, realizing that all babies cry, all babies have some serious blowouts, and a lot of babies hate the bottle. It was also entertaining to watch the other babies, the little ones who cried like Jordan used to, the big ones who could roll over, and all the babies spit up and drool just like Jordan does from time to time.

It made me think about all the for profit baby play date groups and how lucky I am to have a group of women to turn to for questions and company from both Church and where we live at no cost. I feel grateful for both tender mercies from the Lord and I am looking forward to more moments of Jordan being the token Asian baby.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Sooo many babies! Holy moly! And there are TONS more coming in the next few months! Cute pictures!

Marina said...

Love this!! What a fabulous group! I wish I could come ;-) You know what I'm sayin'!!

Andrew and Courtney said...

Sooooo sad we missed it!!! If only we hadn't been on the other side of the country!!!! When's the next one??? Or just next play date? Count me and Jessie in!

Deidra Smith said...

What cute pictues. And that is great that you have so many people to talk to. I agree that it is very reassuring talking to other mom's and realizing how normal you and your child are.

Tammy said...

PS I love the first pic of Jordan... uber cute.

Gena Hopper said...

all these babies are so well dressed! Wish Hannah could contribute her 25% Asian to the mix.