Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Skin

My mom pays for me to have a facial once a month and she looks after Jordan while I am getting my face did. I went last week and had to endure half an hour of her and the other Chinese facial lady telling me I was losing the elasticity in my skin, gaining wrinkles faster than I knew, all due to the fact that my son was taking all my nutrients from my milk. Why wasn't I making the black chicken soup concoction my mother had supplied me with (I have four pieces of black chicken in the freezer, waiting to be made into soups to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on my face) like I was supposed to as a good Chinese daughter?! I held it in. Are you letting yourself go so young? Still I resisted the urge to talk back. Didn't I know in less than a year, I'd be an old hag? The urge to scream, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO EAT CERTAIN THINGS SO I WOULD HAVE MILK BUT YOU NEVER DID AND YOU HAD MILK AND ALL THE AUNTS TOLD ME TO AND WERE FASCINATED WHEN I HAD MILK BECAUSE THEY NEVER DID. Patience. Calmness. Tranquility. You can do it Daisy. Just. keep. calm.

It just doesn't make sense to me but it's a sore topic for my mother and me anytime she is giving me advice I don't quite buy.

She called me today (we talk almost once a day but sometimes our conversations are very short because I want to be patient and not get upset at her illogical assertions) and again asked if I was taking seriously the fact that I NEEDED to drink my chicken soup and then offered to buy my facial cleansing products if I had run out ... (her passive aggressive way of assuming I'm not using any when I in fact AM!) *sigh. So for lunch today, I waived a white flag and in my defeat, had soup. And some cheese and Ritz crackers. And a boiled egg with ketchup. But I definitely had the soup.

When Andy came home from work today, I told him, "I had chicken soup for lunch today" and he replied, "It shows, the wrinkles are gone now." Oh how he humors me.

I guess chicken soup is not good for just the soul, but for the skin as well.


Marina said...

Mothers... *tut tut*

I love it. Let's check back in about 40 years and see how it goes. I have been deprived of this Black Chicken secret and we'll know one day if your mom was right ;-)

Jessica said...

haha. Got to love Chinese mothers.