Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have You Ever?

Farted at the gym thinking nobody would hear since you couldn't hear it, only to realize you were the only one in the vicinity to be wearing headphones?

Wondered if your head is misshaped because every time you use your new iPhone, you hang up or merge calls without trying to just by the leaning of your head onto the touchscreen?

Really hated the trending fashions and thought about how you might be "that girl with the 80's hairdo" only substitute 80's with 2000's?!

Gone a few days without washing your hair, only to realize the oil helps you style it better?

Subsequently discovered that baby powder when rubbed into your oily hair can cover the shine and smell?

Looked through photos but only looked at yourself, and ashamed of your own narcissism, but unwilling to stop, felt bad about it?

Thought about having another kid right away after the first so your kids could have birthdays near each other?

Gone through every single outfit in your wardrobe only to realize nothing looks good and you've created a pile of junk so you throw it into the laundry basket instead of refolding it?

Yeah, me neither. Just saying.

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